Bill Reminder - always on time
Gorgeous calendar user interface helps provide an enjoyable experience.
Set alerts to remind you of when bills are close to due dates or overdue.
Create any number of accounts/categories or choose from the commonly ones available i.e. Healthcare, Auto, Insurance etc...
Filterable History Tab provides an easy way to view past, present, and future bills.
Flexible design allows customization of any number of reoccurring bills and allows for the paying of individual bills in full or in part.
Fake SMS - oh no you didn't!
Amazingly similar user interface to Apple's own SMS application.
Send texts to your real contacts or create false ones from Contact
Great ice-breaker for the bar, restaurant, or turning a boring work day into an enjoyable party.
Make that special someone jealous by showing them that there are others 'interested' in you.
Just let your mind run wild and you'll be amazed at how much fun you'll discover.
Infinite SMS Out - save some $
Amazingly similar user interface to Apple's own SMS application so there's no learning curve, just jump right in and text.
No limit on the number of texts to send, text until your thumbs fall off!
Add real contacts or quick dial the # straight in.
Select multiple contacts to text all at once.
Text log is saved or cleared by your wish.
And most importantly of all, save some $$$, the app will literally pay for itself in 20 texts...
Project Delta - shhhhhhh...
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